Maternity Clothes by Body Type: How to Dress the 4 Pregnancy Shapes

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Maternity Clothes by Body Type

BUMPstyle Box Maternity Clothes

Whether you’re carrying low or high, our BUMPstyle Box stylists are here to help you find the best maternity clothes for your body type. After signing up, your personal maternity stylist will walk you through the process, and hand-select 3 to 4 outfits, custom picked to suit your style AND your shape! From boho chic to modern lady, here are some tips to keep in mind for dressing your best during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Shape #1: Big All Over

Choose shapes and colors that elongate your body, emphasizing length over width. A dark, neutral color palette, whether black, navy, or charcoal, can be slimming, but that doesn’t mean boring! Draw attention to your radiant glow with a cute maternity shirt with an embellished neckline or a fun necklace. Pair bootcut or trouser-cut dark denim maternity jeans with a neutral-toned long, drapey sweater. Avoid round-toe shoes, which can make your legs seem shorter. Opt instead for a pointy-toe flat or boot, a wedge or kitten heels.

Pregnancy Shape #2: Small All Over

When your belly is the biggest part of you, but you’re small everywhere else, be sure to balance out your proportions with patterns and embellishments. Be on the lookout for maternity shirts with fun details like a side bow or ruffle. Patterns and prints are great for you, as they can add curves to your figure in all the right places. Pair a cute maternity top with straight leg pants, leggings or jeans, and don’t be afraid to rock a sparkly flat shoe!

Pregnancy Shape #3: Carrying Low

Women who carry low during pregnancy look like they’re ready to pop at any moment. Draw attention away from your belly by showing off other areas: v-neck maternity shirts are a great way to draw the eye upward, especially when paired with over-sized earrings. Opt for a tunic-length to make sure your belly is sufficiently covered, and pair it with a dark colored pencil skirt to slim and show off those legs!

Pregnancy Shape #4: Carrying High

Ladies who carry the baby high run the risk of looking like their chest ends where their belly begins. Make sure to visually separate your bust from your baby bump. You can do this by wearing an empire-waist color-blocked maternity dress that features a different color or print on the bust than on the rest of the dress. A cropped sweater is another great way to break up the chest area from the rest of your body. Want to wear a solid-colored maternity dress? Pair it with a skinny belt, worn just above your bump. This will break up your body into two distinct sections. No matter what your shape, BUMPstyle Box can help you find the perfect trendy maternity clothes to suit your style. Sign up today, and let our personal stylists help you find a look that fits!